One of my pet peeves is when characters with really long ears can put on a hood and poof, it fits with no problems like their ears are gone. Therefore, Tari looks weird in a hood.

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  1. What is it about the Iakhuru? Why would people react negatively if they saw Tari? Glow in the dark eyes are verrry cool.

  2. So the girl with the horns and spikes is okay and fine, but th girl with elf ears is thought of as evil…
    I mean, the other girl with elf ears.
    No, the elf ears and the funky feet.
    Man, that world has got some funky racism going on.

    I don’t see why she doesn’t just wear a hat and some boots. I mean, I can see moving on the side of caution, but still…

    1. I hate to butt in but . . . as the author pointed out, ‘It’s not about what they look like but what they DO.’ This is Abmiram. There are no Earth stereotypes (like horns being associated with demons). Abmiram is a much purer world where people are stereotyped based on what they DO, not what the look like. The artist gave us a wonderful insight above into the Iakhuru; they must be menacing and evil, and we the audience have not been introduced fully to their behavior patterns. I’m sure we’ll get more later on.

      Also, ‘Tari IS wearing a cowl. And Horn Girl Kali is ALWAYS mediating between AWESOME Dakova (my favorite) and Vala, so her mannerisms show us that mostly likely her people are nice. However, look at Tari again. All she does is sneak around and sit on roof tops. I mean, the way to combat prejudices is to get out there and be nice like Bali.

      P.S: ‘Tari looks like Princess Leah would with her bun-hair under a cowl. Don’t ya’ think? I suppose it would be hard to hide giant pointing ears coming out of your head at a strange angle.

  3. Poor Tari.

    I liked the vote incentive. A reminder of better times.

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