Hmm. Bali seems to be the only one who is 100% okay with Tari.

4 thoughts on “Page 43

  1. I think Kali is being a bit harsh towards Tari. She was up on the roof in the dark keeping out of sight for a reason. Helping them chase down the thief would mean she might reveal herself to everyone. They were warned what the general populous might do to Tari if she showed herself. I suppose Kali was just caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking everything through. She seems to have an issue with Tari and made it sound like she might not be the only one. Also, interesting that Bali said she ‘told’ Tari to stay there. Do they have some telepathic link?

  2. Forget you guys! Tari is obviously some sort of dark guardian who doesn’t care for others. How can you grow up with four other people and only care about (much less talk to!) one of them? I’m sure the priestesses taught them all about what it meant to be guardians–you know defending the weak, standing up for others, and somehow I doubt that included letting thieves get away. Come on, you guys! Surely you had more sense at 17 or 16 or 15 of 14 or any other age past 8!?

    On another note I do find it likely that Bali and Tari have some ESP thing going on. (I suppose those were thought bubbles on page 31.) It will be nice to find out how and why they have that “link.”

    1. Forget us? Forget you! I like the dark type of characters who only care for themselves! Standing up and defending the weak? That’s for the good guys! The Sith know that only the strong survive!
      Bah I’m just kiddin’

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