4 thoughts on “Page 44

  1. Kali has doubts about whether they should help Tari get her powers…she must really distrust her. Tari isn’t doing anything to improve the situation either. Bali seems to trust her, but I agree there is definitely something up with Tari.

  2. I called it! Kali is the most even tempered of the pre-guardians (e.g., she split up Valadea and Dakova, and she took care of the luggage so everyone else could enjoy the festival). SO if Kali points something else, I bet we’re to pay attention. Unless you’re just leading us on, Kelly! In which case you should feel HORRIBLE!

    1. Me? Leading you on? Don’t be silly! 😉
      Really though, you’re right. What Kali’s saying is significant. I try not to have characters say things that are insignificant to the story.

      1. Oh, well that’s good to know! *Closes massive chest titled ‘suspicions’*

        It IS nice to know that there is a webcomic where the author has little to no intention of leading their readers on for a chapter or two then shattering their predictions, hopes, and dreams in general. 😉

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