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  1. Since Tari seems completely apathetic to the struggles of others, it seems Bali has to use her own influence with Tari to get her to do the right thing and help out. Tari just doesn’t seem like she could even begin to actually care about the problems the people of the world face. I don’t know why the priestess think she would make a good guardian.

  2. Maybe Tari’s upbringing has something to do with her attitude. Perhaps she is having to learn as she goes. It’s neat how your drawing conveys Bali’s distaste at having to couch the lesson in terms of “Well, do it for me.” I think she is very fond of Tari and would like to see her do the right thing on her own.

  3. Or, in response to the both of you, Tari may be one of the most sympathetic of her entire species, simply by the fact that she will do what it takes to make Bali happy. Stepping back to look at the picture, you have to ask yourself, what would her people accept as a guardian? Certainly not someone who cares more about the world than her own people. Also, if Tari’s species is the type to only care about themselves, then if their leader came in and suddenly tried to turn them all around, things wouldn’t go well.
    The priestess may have began thinking along the lines of, ‘who else could I raise?’, you can really only go so far with a species to make their inborn characteristics change.
    For example, it’s like teaching a bulldog to be a child’s pet. Bulldogs are naturally a little viscous and prone to violence, you can only go so far as to curb that inner streak away.

  4. Excuse me ZLasater,but I think you mean PITTbulls,not bulldogs.Pittbulls are the bull breed with a vicious reputation.Bulldogs are pretty sedentary,due to being built rather stocky and stubby.My family owns a bulldog,and know several other people with bulldogs,and they are just the sweetest,so big and tough looking when they’re actually such softies.The worst they usually do is accidentally scratch someone.Sorry about the dog rant,but the record had to be set straight.Love the comic,hope to see more!

  5. Thanks! I’m sure that’s what he was thinking of.
    That’s some good speculation, Z. They’re definitely different to deal with than the rest of Abmiram’s people. We’ll get more on the Iakhuru and Tari herself in the chapters to come.
    I sure do love reading the discussion you guys put up. Thanks for reading!

  6. @ABlueLeo, yes I did mean Pittbull actually, thanks for the correction. My mind thought ‘pittbull’, my hand typed ‘bulldog’
    @Kelly(the author ;))I can’t wait to see more of the Iakhuru, I love this comic 😀

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