I’m sure it’s really something to do with the metal merchandise, but I like to think those two men are arguing over who has the superior beard (obviously the airolg).

4 thoughts on “Page 52

  1. Hmmm. . . big city crankiness? or is somethiing else going on. I like how you created the different expressions of the people. Tari should probably stay under cover.

  2. Well, how dare she, interrupt their mundain lives to ask questions, harmmph, no respect these youngins…

    So, seriously now, I’m actually really curious as to why they are being ignored.

  3. Judging from Bali pushing a murderous looking Tari down, I think it has something to do with her……..

    Btw, love the comic, found it in the middle of chapter 1

  4. They won’t answer because Tari is giving them the creepy stare…that’s why Bali’s trying to cover her face! =D

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