Abmiram: Guardians’ Reawakening is a full-color fantasy adventure set in the world of Abmiram, a detailed world with six original races, a wide variety of land and cityscapes, and ageless beings possessing power over the elements.

Since they were children, Bali and her friends have known they would someday replace the six deceased former guardians of Abmiram. Now, with their world on the brink of war, they must face their destiny a little earlier than planned.

Together with her friends, Bali sets out into Abmiram for the first time, and with shades of the past haunting her dreams she begins to unravel the mystery of the former guardians’ downfall. When the new guardians’ quest brings them face to face with an unexpected enemy, they must find a way to succeed where their thousand-year-old predecessors failed and stop the coming war.

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