Major Cities:

  • Sebelppa, Crown city of the Sebellpan kingdom
    Location: Central Tharlath Plains
    Major Resources: Farmland, produce, livestock, textiles
    Abmiram’s largest trade center and most populated city
    Noted for: Hundreds of expansive foreign markets, The Golden Sky theater, the First Temple of Nayir
  • High Morwin, Home of the Esrile aristocracy
    Location: South-southwestern Esrodrin Forest
    Major Resources: Lumber, fruits, nuts, meat, syrup, honey, esrodri, woodworks, medicines
    Noted for: The Grand Library, the oldest collection of records in Abmiram.
  • Piralota, Capital of the Anauli kingdom
    Location: Pearled Coast, just north of the Sliddrun River delta
    Major Resources: Seafood, seaweed farms, pearl farms, shells, dyes, oils, perfumes
    Noted for: Abmiram’s largest sea port, extravagant art galleries and luxury shops, hydraulic vertical transport locks for the public
  • Renomm, Center of the Renomman Federation
    Location: Central northeastern Mnemran Barrenlands
    Major Resources: Glass, glasswares, silks, salt
    Noted for: Lowest crime rate in Abmiram
  • Vulkrast, Capital of the Varogel republic
    Location: Mt. Rathe, Moroberg Mountains
    Major Resources: Ores, metals, minerals, metalwares, produce, livestock
    Noted for: Warm-water caldera lake, hot spring spa, city-wide water heating system