The Varogels

Average Lifespan: 80 years
Age of Adulthood: 21 years
Physical Attributes:

  • Avg. Height: 6’4″ for men, 6’1″ for women, moderate variation
  • Skin color: Reddish, little variation
  • Eye color: Usually mid-gray to black, gray-blue is rare
  • Hair: Red to light brown, darkens slightly with age. Males grow thick facial hair and rarely shave it
  • Identifying characteristics: Curling horns at the sides of head and bone plates at the shoulders and joints. Horns start out small and gray but lengthen and blacken by age 15. Both men and women are generally muscular.
  • Physically compatible with: Sebellpans, esrile
The Varogels dwell in and around the Moroberg Mountains at Abmiram’s western border. They occupy a varied landscape.

Notable Varogels:

  • Jutelle, Paragon of the Varogels
  • Chancellor Argam Trecht

Family and Marriage:
Normally, immediate families are quite close in varogel culture, but there is a lack of neighborly behavior that one might find with esrile. Almost all marriage pairings are the result of individual choice, not a decision of the family, though it is typical that the families get very involved in the process.

Varogel attire is typically constructed of light, flexible pfowe leather from the many farms in the Moroberg Foothills. For women, clothing is usually revealing of the legs, arms, and midriff, often consisting of a simple sleeveless top and a skirt or shorts. Men usually cover the legs completely, but may omit the top. They often wear open-front jackets without sleeves and with flaring collars. Garments are stitched with leather lacing and the shoulders are often left uncovered. There are few varieties of color in varogel outfits, but sharp geometric designs are often burned into the leather for interest. Older varogels may choose to wear looser garments in more layers with sleeves. Laced gloves are common, and there is an enormous variety of footwear. Varogels who live in the foothills nearer to sebellpan and anauli settlements may incorporate more cloth into their attire, and those farther north often add thick shepzel fur in the winter. Like clothing style, hairstyle is a matter of preference. Both men and women have hair which naturally forms very rigid clumps and can be easily shaped. Women often wear their hair in exciting, flaring styles while men normally keep their head hair shorter. Men do, however, take pride in finding unique beard styles.

Social Customs:
There is a great deal of focus on the trades in varogel society. In the cities higher in the mountains many citizens work in mining or smithing, providing nearly all of Abmiram’s metalware. It is uncommon for varogels to want to pursue more intellectual vocations. In the foothills farther from the Moroberg Mountains, many varogels raise livestock or grow produce, supplying the rest of Abmiram with a great deal of food, leather, and other materials. There is very little difference between the roles of men and women in varogel society. Both men and women are quite capable of difficult manual labor. Children are often apprenticed very early and are only formally educated in their trades. Because travel is made inconvenient by natural barriers, it is usually only traders who venture beyond the foothills by way of the rivers.

The Varogel republic is headed by its chancellor in the capital city, Vulkrast. The chancellor and his large council of ministers handle all major decisions and relations with other nations of Abmiram. For each decision there is a vote among the ministers who represent all varogel towns and interests. Security officials called sentinels populate the capital and tolerate no one who speaks out against those in power.