About Abmiram

Of all the worlds I have built in my head, the land of Abmiram has become the most detailed. It began with a group of six characters, each of a different fantasy race and culture, drawn upon tests and notes in middle school classes. I shared these characters with my friends, gave them names and personalities, and over the years I formed families and backgrounds for them. In time, whole cultures developed based on those foundations. Travel routes, climates, and a detailed map came after. Then, resource trade, methods of government, and eventually a whole history came to be. It is my longest project, it is the setting for many of my stories, and no matter which other worlds I choose to imagine, Abmiram will always hold a special place in my mind, silly backwards name and all.

About the Author

Kelly grew up in western Kentucky where she early exhibited a talent for art. She coated most available surfaces in drawings, from school assignments to her grandmother’s bedroom wall. While in school she developed a love for fantasy and began creating notebooks full of characters and their stories to share with her friends. At the university level, her passion for art and writing led her to a study of poetry, ceramics, and language. She is now happily working on various fantasy novels.

Her interest in fantasy began with The Hobbit, read to her as a bedtime story. Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series and Brian Jacques’ Redwall series also became favorites, and she currently enjoys reading Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett. However, both her writing and art are more influenced by the work of Hajime Yatate, Naoko Takeuchi, and her experiences with adventure and role-playing games.

Contact: kls.galloway(at)gmail.com