The Yakhuru

Average Lifespan: Naturally 60 years, but few live past 30
Age of Adulthood: As soon as one is self-sufficient
Physical Attributes:

  • Avg. Height: 5’10” for both men and women, moderate variation
  • Skin color: Pale gray
  • Eye color: Varying shades of red
  • Hair: Light to dark gray, fades to black after 25-30 years, tail hair but no facial hair
  • Identifying characteristics: Nocturnal, long thin pointed tails, very long pointed ears, fangs, two-toed paw-like feet, thin lanky builds
  • Physically compatible with: Unknown
The Yakhuru originated from the Witherwood, but since the withering of their homeland they have dispersed into the rest of Abmiram. They are rare to see.

Notable Yakhuru:

  • Taushung, Paragon of the Yakhuru

The Yakhuru are largely nomads and scavengers. Nocturnal, they are only ever sighted during the night, and they are very rare to see. Records in High Morwin’s grand library provide that the Yakhuru may have had a large city somewhere in the Witherwood several centuries ago, but they maintained sparse contact with Abmiram’s other cultures so little is known about the nature of their former society or practices. Now the yakhuru are spread thinly among the rest of Abmiram’s inhabitants, and survive usually by thievery. Typically they are solitary, surreptitious creatures, but pairs or small groups may form which may opt to take a more direct and violent approach to acquiring what they need. Because so little is known about them, and due to their somewhat feral appearance and uncivilized conduct, they are considered dangerous by all other of Abmiram’s people. Some believe they are monsters; others that they are evil spirits that lurk from the depths of the Witherwood to terrorize their victims. In many areas, stories of ghostly yakhuru are told for entertainment or to frighten disobedient children into behaving.