The Renommans

Average Lifespan: 120 years
Age of Adulthood: 20 years
Physical Attributes:

  • Avg. Height: 6’0″ for men and women, little variation
  • Skin color: Ranges from tan to deep brown
  • Eye color: Various shades of brown, matches the hooves
  • Hair: Usually dull, dark blondes to mid-browns, grays slightly with age, no facial hair
  • Identifying characteristics: Double-jointed legs with large rounded hooves, fur covering the legs, furry ears, stocky builds
  • Physically compatible with: None
The Mnemran Barrenlands are home to the Renommans, but due to harsh conditions only the northern portion is suitable for settlements.

Notable Renommans:

  • Rondelace, Paragon of the Renommans
  • Overlord Calles Whargon

Family and Marriage:
Because Renomm is the only major city in the federation, well-paying jobs in Renomm are highly desired and very quickly filled if any become available. Immediate families may only have one or two well-payed members, and often stay together in one household after the children have reached adulthood, pooling their income to support the whole unit. It is usually only when both parts of the family are financially secure that one member might choose a separate home for one’s own family apart from siblings and parents. There is a lower rate of marriage among renommans than Abmiram’s other cultures, most probably because, for them, official family ties are not as important an aspect of life.

Renommans are not terribly concerned with fashion. Clothing is generally looser and lighter during the daytime heat while more coverage and layers are worn during the cold desert nights. Standard wear is short pants which tie at the knee or wrapped dhotis, tunics with no sleeves or full sleeves with cuffs, and often bandannas or hats of some kind to shade the face. Wristbands, wrapped blanket-scarfs, and sashes are common accessories. Women sometimes dress in even looser, longer shirts over skirts of various styles. Hats or head wraps often include longer portions which hang down over the shoulders. Renomman clothing may have bright colors, but rarely includes decorative detail. Fabric is light, and higher quality garments are made with silken material which is lighter and softer than any in Abmiram. Though most glassworks are exported, it is common for renommans to own necklaces or bracelets featuring colored glass beads. Metal accessories are rare and expensive.

Social Customs:
Far above wealth and background, the Renommans value strength. “Strength of body, strength of will” is a common saying in the region. The Duneguards, law enforcement of the major city, Renomm, are historically the most highly respected members of society. Renommans are known to undertake difficult tasks simply for the satisfaction of completing them (along with bragging rights). One’s individual accomplishments carry far more weight in social settings than any familial ties. It is a common belief that the original renomman paragon, Rondelace, chose the harsh barrenlands as her people’s home because it would prove their resilience. As young renommans near adulthood, it is common for groups of friends to make treks to the massive hollowed crag in the barrenlands south of Renomm to attempt to climb to the top. Though no group has ever reached the summit, the attempt has become somewhat of a right of passage among sixteen to twenty-year-olds.

Gender Roles:
There is no difference between the opportunities for men and women in Renomman society. Physically difficult trades are performed by men and women equally as are more creative or intellectual occupations, and those requiring dexterity and delicacy such as glassworking. The same applies to positions of authority such as that of a Duneguard.

The Renomman Federation is made up of all renomman settlements in the northern portion of the Mnemran Barrenlands. Because of the harsh environment, the city of Renomm is the only city of significant size. A few other smaller towns have formed at key passages along well-traveled trade routes, but otherwise there are few villages much bigger than camps. All settlements other than Renomm work together with the massive trade center to keep a constant flow of resources. Renomm, built at the only accessible point along the sea coast, is the center of the federation which is headed by the overlord. He is succeeded by his most impressive son or daughter unless, in rare cases, when there is an obviously more popular candidate among the people. The overlord may grant his family name to only his chosen heir, the name doubling as something of a title.