Each of the months is named for one of Nayr’s four overseers or six guardians, usually the one whose power best aligns with the typical weather of that time of year. During the last week of each month the people of Abmiram hold a festival to celebrate certain aspects of life or of the season for which they are especially grateful. Every culture has adopted the monthly celebrations of the others, but the culture to which the month’s patron guardian or overseer belongs is usually by far the most festive.

1st Ruohdor
Named For: Ruoh, Overseer of the Eastlands, Timemaster
Month-end Event: Celebration of Time – Renewal, Goal-setting, Planning

2nd Safferen
Named For: Saffery, Guardian of the Esile, Master of Nature
Month-end Event: Festival of Saffery – Life, Flowers, Growth, Fertility

3rd Erihpador
Named For: Erihpas, Overseer of the Westlands, Landmaster
Month-end Event: Celebration of Land – Planting, Hard work

4th Etairen
Named For: Etain, Guardian of the Sebelppans, Lightmaster
Month-end Event: Festival of Etain – Light, Knowledge, Gift-giving

5th Rodelaren
Named For: Rodelace, Guardian of the Renommai, Master of the Spirit
Month-end Event: Festival of Rodelace – Good will, Friendly competition

6th Esserveren
Named For: Esservy, Guardian of the Airolgs, Firemaster
Month-end Event: Festival of Esservy – Fire, Fireshows, Harvest

7th Surridor
Named For: Surric, Overseer of the Southlands, Windmaster
Month-end Event: Celebration of Winds – Change, Communication

8th Revlidor
Named For: Revlis, Overseer of the Northlands, Master of Storms
Month-end Event: Celebration of Storms – Family, Safety, Home

9th Taushuren
Named For: Taushung, Guardian of the Iakhuru, Mindmaster
Month-end Event: Festival of Taushung – Honoring the dead

10th Surekalaren
Named For: Surekala, Guardian of the Anaugi, Watermaster
Month-end Event: Festival of Surekala – Accomplishments of the year