Major Landforms and Regions:

  • Deviborsi-Rhapan Range
    The narrow but steep mountain range which divides the Esrodrin Forest and the Mnemran Barrenlands, so named for both the esrile and renomman men who were the first of their people to traverse it.
  • Esrodrin Forest
    The massive deciduous forest which covers central southern Abmiram, home to the Esrile people. Trees in this forest are often greater than thirty steps in diameter, growing larger toward the center of the forest.
  • Mnemran Barrenlands
    The sand-sea-filled desert lining the southeastern crescent edge of Abmiram, created by a combination of rainshadow from the Deviborsi-Rhapan Range and near-equatorial high temperatures. The Renommans inhabit only the northeast end of this inhospitable wasteland.
  • Moroberg Foothills
    The fertile, hilly valley lying between the Moroberg Mountains and the Targand Ridge. The area is optimal for raising pfowe, the primary livestock of the Varogels who inhabit the region, and the ashy soil of the area is superb for growing rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Moroberg Mountains
    The mountain range which forms an impassable border around Abmiram on the west and north. The southeastern portion consists of lower grassy foothills and smaller mountains, the northwest portion contains jagged barren ridges rich in ores, and the northernmost portion is covered in snow year-round.
  • Pearled Coast
    The rocky northern coastline of The Sky Mirror into which the Sliddrun River flows. It is so named due to the extensive underwater pearl and seaweed farming done by the Anauli in the area. The pearled coast is divided from the sea by a large reef.
  • The Sky Mirror
    The deep sea stretching below Abmiram’s tall coastal cliffs. The Sky Mirror forms the border for southern and eastern Abmiram and stretches infinitely into the horizon. Its shipping lane is the major trade route between Renomm, Piralota, and Sebelppa via the Sliddrun River.

  • Targand Ridge
    The narrow, jagged ridge of mountains that stretches between the Dastahm and Sliddrun rivers, from Lake Elga to Lareme Lake, forming the border between the Moroberg Foothills and the Tharlath Plains.
  • Tharlath Plains
    The plains which make up most of central Abmiram, bordered by The Sky Mirror on the east, Sliddrun River on the north, Targand Ridge on the west, and the Esrodrin Forest on the south. The plains are divided into North and South Tharlath Plains by the Midspalt River which splits the western half. The capital city Sebellpa is situated at Lake Bluwell in the center of the plains.
  • The Witherwood
    The dry, western half of Abmiram’s forested region. The thick, gnarled trees withered and died long ago. The tree tops are woven thickly enough that little light penetrates the canopy even at midday, making this a habitat suited only to nocturnal creatures. The Witherwood is uncharted.